Original Hand-Crafted jewelry with Japanese paper and metals


Beauty within simplicity.....

That's the Essence of Japan

Welcome to Kayoko Designs!

We have been creating unique original jewelry with Japanese Washi paper and metals
since 1992 in the San Francisco Bay Area. East meets west. I love to explore a
new encounter with our cultural treasure “Washi”(Japanese rice paper) and metals. 
When they meet in my jewelry form, they simply manifest the beauty of art.

Washi Jewelry

Our original  Washi Jewelry designs use Japanese washi paper and metals with various metal techniques, such as soldering, etching, fusing.

We form a sheet metal (copper,brass and/or sterling silver) into each original piece by hand, then apply Japanese rice paper which is called Yuzen-shi.

Yuzen-shi was developed as printed rice paper in Kyoto, Japan. The variety of patterns and color are boundless. The exquisite papers which have strong but soft fibers give our works uniqueness.

Paper is treated with Acrylic sealer or epoxy resin.

Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry are created originally by PMC(Precious Metal Clay) as a master then duplicated into sterling silver pieces.  

Our Jewelry have both shiny finish or oxidized finish with designs of Japanese theme like Kanji(Chinese character),Kamon(family crest) and....Sakura! Our distinctive Sakura(Cherry Blossom) designs represent the spirit of Japan! 

Wabi-Sabi Jewelry-Other metals and Enamel

Our Wabi-sabi Jewelry includes our mixed metals and enameled Jewelry. We employ Bronz Clay, Copper Clay and enamel on copper, etc.     Lovely combinations with rustic oxidation give richness and versatility to our pieces.

Metal Clay is an excellent material to create detailed designs to our pieces, while previous etching procedure have been taken carefully.